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FouadtjuhMaster, Inc is a one-man Indie game company that is founded by Fouad M. in 2011. FouadtjuhMaster makes different free games and apps for the PSP, PSVITA, PC, Android, DS and iOS. Those games are downloadable on his own Website, or on various cloud sites. The games on PSP and PSVITA are mostly ports, but also modified ones.

The most popular apps or games at the moment are Mario Kart PSP, and Slender Portable, which gained together more than 30.000+ downloads. However Slender Portable is still in the beta development, it still beat the downloads of other good games.

The active games are:

The active apps are:

Since December 2012 FouadtjuhMaster got his own domain. Here you can find all his latest updates and screenshots, also info about the development group Kosmicsoft Development, where he is a part of. On the site he'll post videos, screenshots, and updated releases, but also more, like contributed applications, links etc. Previously he was active on a Subdomain of the Lithuanian company Xtgem, which is still online. 

YouTube and Dailymotion are used to demonstrate the games and apps, which is very handy in case you didn't know how to use the applications. Ofcourse there are always updates and info about the app/game and a download link. Currently there are more than 140+ YouTube subscriptions on the channel, and daily more than 100 views.

The most used social media is on his FaceBook page. With more then 180+ Likes. The amount of visits grow daily. His Twitter is mostly used for private purposes, but if you mention him, he'll respond of course.

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